Saturday, January 25, 2014

2013 Year in Review

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2013 Year in Review
JobsFirstNYC is proud to have worked with our partners this year on a range of initiatives at the local, state and national level to improve employment opportunities for out-of-school out-of-work young adults. Here is a look at some of our achievements.

Expanding knowledge about the youth employment crisis (PDF) through the release of Barriers to Entry: The Increasing Challenges Faced by Young Adults in the New York City Labor Market. The report, authored by James Parrott of Fiscal Policy Institute and Lazar Treschan of Community Service Society, offered the latest research, analysis and insights on trends in the demand for young adult labor. Over 150 industry leaders, funders, policy makers/influencers, and employers attended the release event.

   Randy Osmun, Executive Director of The
   SOURCE, speaks to the YASEP Learning

Coordinating the Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project (YASEP) (PDF) our new local initiative with five workforce partnerships awarded planning grants and becoming inaugural members of the YASEP Learning Community. The first such effort of its kind nationally, JobsFirstNYC is preparing the five partnerships for funding in early 2014, and working to assist 500 young people 18-24 years old, who are out of school and out of work, make a successful transition to the labor market in the next two years.

Re-Envisioning the Workforce Development System in New York City through participation on the Workforce Strategy Group - ten practitioners with decades of experience in the city's workforce system -who created a "re-envisioning" document to help the next Mayor of New York City deliver on the promise of job creation. We also met with mayoral candidates to make sure the challenges facing young people
in their effort to access the labor market were present in any plans to restructure the city's workforce development system. Executive Director Lou Miceli is a member of the Re-Envisioning Strategy Group, and we are working closely with a range of partners to ensure that the incoming mayoral administration prioritizes the challenge of out-of-school/work young adults.

   Filled-to-capacity October 2013 CBO
   Network Meeting

Convening meetings of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). We support the vital role CBOs play in reconnecting out-of-work and out-of-school young adults to opportunities for self-sufficiency through advocacy, professional development, and organization building efforts. This is a powerful way to connect the many people in the young adult workforce field who can share best practices, engage with industry experts, and keep abreast of the most important trends in the field. 

    Photo courtesy of the BON

Collaborating with Aspen Institute Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund, in partnership with the Bronx Opportunity Network (BON), to work with leaders from 21 communities across the U.S. to build cross-sector collaborations with the goal of bringing 6.7 million young people back into education and the workforce. The BON is a powerful eight-organization, community-based collaboration serving young people in the poorest neighborhoods in the South Bronx who endeavor to succeed in college. JobsFirstNYC is supporting this project financially and with a range of technical assistance supports. 

    Photo by Helayne Seidman

Funding to support a Network Coordinator, (PDF). Gaspar Caro acts as the key staff person bringing all member organizations, employer partners and community stakeholders to the Lower East Side Employment Network (LESEN) - a collaboration among six community-based organizations all serving residents in the Lower East Side and New York City at-large. LESEN works with the hospitality sector, among others, which has a significant and growing presence in the area, to design and streamline customized recruitment efforts and processes for hotels and related businesses to hire young people and older adults from the neighborhood and city. (Luis Vargas, a Network job seeker, was featured in this New York Post article.)

     Alan Momeyer, Loews Corporation
Building our board of directors through the addition of three new members: Steve Block, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Architecture, Moody's; Dianne Morales, Executive Director, Phipps CDC; and Angela Ortiz, Extern Attorney and Volunteer Attorney, Lawyers Alliance for New York. In addition, long-time board member Alan Momeyer, Vice President for Human Resources, Loews Corporation, became the new board chair to expand financial resources, bring leadership from the business community, and lead the Board's transition from a founding to an operational role in the coming year.

Thank you to our partners who helped make these accomplishments possible. We look forward to our continued work together in 2014.