Thursday, December 5, 2013

JobsFirstNYC December 2013 Newsletter

Seizing the Opportunity

Alan Momeyer, Vice President of Human Resources at Loews Corporation, who became the chair of the JobsFirstNYC board of directors in June, had this to say in light of New York City's first mayoral transition in twelve years:

"There has never been a more important or opportune time to address the critical problem of out-of-school, out-of-work youth. 

New York City is the capital of unemployment with 172,000 such young people. With a new Administration committed to creating better opportunities, and with the business cycle looking to sustain its growth, JobsFirstNYC wants to work with both labor and private and public companies to make sure we work together to deliver hope for a better future."

First Steps for the YASEP 

Learning Community

The first phase of JobsFirstNYC's new local initiative - the Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project (YASEP) - began in October with a series of meetings for members of the YASEP Learning Community. Representatives from the five workforce partnerships awarded planning grants gathered at three full-day meetings, learning from national experts and each other about innovative approaches using a sectoral approach to improve employment outcomes for young adults 18-24 years old, who are out of school and out of work.

"I've been in the field 30-plus years and I've never had a learning opportunity as rich, engaging and thoughtfully planned as this one," said John Mancuso, Executive Director of Comprehensive Development Inc., which is focusing on the healthcare sector in collaboration with New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH). "The meetings and process so far have embodied a real learning community behavior - starting with respectful inquiry on who we are, where we want to go and helping us think through, with thought-provoking experts, what technical assistance we need to put theory into practice."

Sheila Maguire, a workforce development consultant with YASEP, reflected on the work so far, stating, "Bringing people from education, youth development and workforce development fields, as well as employers, together with national leaders in sectoral employment has led to lively sessions with great conversations about critical issues. Each person brings their own perspective and experience to their partnership and to the larger learning community. The models that are being created out of this work are blending the hard won experience of each of these fields. I am excited to see the approaches that emerge out of this work to connect out-of-school and out-of-work young people to real employment opportunities."

National Convening of 

Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund 

Representatives of JobsFirstNYC and the Bronx Opportunity Network (BON) traveled to Aspen, Colorado to participate in the Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund Convening, November 4-6. Hosted by the Aspen Institute's Forum for Community Solutions, the convening brought together leaders from 21 communities who had received development grants to build cross-sector collaborations with the goal of bringing 6.7 million young people back into education and the workforce. 

Lou Miceli, Executive Director of JobsFirstNYC, Courtney Hawkins, Senior Vice President for Workforce, Education and Youth at FEGS, Jim Marley, Assistant Executive Director for Bronx Community-Based Programs at Good Shepherd Services, and Pardeice McGoy, Director of Young Adult Initiatives, Youth Development Institute met as a team representing the BON and consulted with the other leaders to share notes on progress made and to learn best practices on using data, generating support from local funders, and building effective collaborations. 

The convening in Aspen included a wonderful and talented group of leaders and it was very heartening to know that so many are committed to ensuring that young people are well-positioned to successfully engage and stay connected to the economic life of our country. It was also inspiring to have so many young people themselves as participants - many current or former Opportunity Youth - who are so committed to helping others succeed.

Keri Faulhaber Joins 

JobsFirstNYC Staff

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Keri Faulhaber, who has worked as a consultant with us over the past year, has officially joined the JobsFirstNYC team as Project and Operations Director. 

Keri brings a wide range of talents and skills to this new role, including project management, development, and media relations experience. She also worked for several years at Public/Private Ventures, where she had a direct hand in supporting several larger, complex workforce projects during her tenure. In her new role, she will be overseeing key aspects of several of our projects, notably the Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project and will continue to support the important work of our workforce partnerships, which presently include the Bronx Opportunity Network, the Lower East Side Employment Network, and the New York City Restaurant Industry Partnership. Welcome, Keri!

Resources for the Field

The Lower East Side Employment Network (LESEN) just announced that Henry Street Settlement and Recycle-A-Bicycle, with additional support from LESEN, have partnered to launch a Bicycle Mechanics Training Program.

The program will cover fundamentals of bicycle mechanics necessary to secure a job in the exciting and growing bicycle transportation, rental, and retail markets.

The goal is to place a high proportion of graduates into livable-wage employment upon completion as mechanics, customer service and support staff, and logistics crew.

While open to the public and Network member participants, public candidates must register with one of LESEN's five agencies in order to participate. 

The upcoming December 5, 2013 orientation is mandatory for all participants. 

Trainees will receive a modest hourly stipend for a required internship from January to March, which amounts to approximately half of the weekly program hours.

Space is limited. Inquire today. 212-478-5400 ext. 202