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2013-04-11 News & Events

News & Events from JobsFirstNYC          
April 11, 2013  

Save the Dates and RSVP: Important Upcoming Events From JobsFirstNYC

Since we have several important events coming up and are getting some questions on how to participate, we thought we would lay out the dates here for you. If you have any questions about these events, you can contact Lou Miceli at lmiceli@jobsfirstnyc.org. We look forward to seeing you!

APRIL 23, 9-Noon: First Stakeholder Meeting for the Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project (YASEP)

After a series of meetings earlier this year, we are planning for an introductory meeting about the Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project. All are welcome! Because of space constraints, we ask that you register only two people per organization, and we ask that people who attend are in a position to make decisions on behalf of your organizations. 

The purpose of the meeting will be to talk about this new project, discuss how direct service workforce organizations, industry skills training providers, employer intermediaries, and employers might participate in this project and lay out the key phases of the project. As a key element of this project is to build collaborative approaches, this meeting will help interested organizations to identify potential partners. Participants in this meeting will also understand how to submit a letter of intent to participate in a YASEP learning community to be formed in the early summer of 2013. You can learn more about this project by downloading an overview of the project (PDF). 

A detailed e-mail was shared with the field about this event last week, and if you have questions about the meeting or those details, you can contact Evelyn Fernandez-Ketcham at JobsFirstNYC by phone at 646-738-5677 or by e-mail at efernandez-ketcham@jobsfirstnyc.org

This event will take place at the Macaulay Honors College at City University, but due to space constraints, RSVP's are required. 

This project is supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Bodman Foundation, the Capital One Foundation, the Clark Foundation, and the Pinkerton Foundation

May 2, 9-11 a.m.: Barriers to Entry Release Event
We are very pleased to present the field with an up-to-date analysis of how out-of-school/work young adults are faring in the New York City Labor Market. An e-vite through Constant Contact went out to the field regarding this event yesterday. We got an immediate response, so if you wish to join us, please hurry to RSVP in order to reserve a seat. This event will take place at the New York Times Building (in Times Square), and all are welcome. You will hear from the authors of the report and we will discuss the implications of this new study and how we might use the key information it surfaces to better assist young people who remain at the fringes of the labor market. 

RSVP's are required for this event due to security regulations at the New York Times Building. 

Support for this new report was provided by the Altman Foundation, the Bodman Foundation, the Clark Foundation, and the Valentine Perry Snyder Fund. 

Farewell to Gwen Hill
We hope you will join us in extending our best wishes to Gwen Hill, who joined us in November of 2011 and has done a range of things to help build the organization in her role as Office Administrator. After completing her graduate degree program earlier this year, she is joining a non-profit organization in Brooklyn that is focusing on helping empower and educate young people and to engage them in urban agricultural and sustainability activities. She will still be connected to the field, as one of her newer projects will involve working with NYCHA residents in Red Hook through partnership with Green City Force. 

Thanks for your great work Gwen, and congrats on your new role!

Stay tuned for new developments on the staffing front at JobsFirstNYC

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