Friday, January 11, 2013

JobsFirstNYC staff recently spent the day at Shake Shack as part of our ongoing employer engagement efforts

JobsFirstNYC's Evelyn Fernandez-Ketcham poses for a picture while touring the back of house prep station at Shake Shack at Madison Square Park. 

As part of JobsFirstNYC's ongoing efforts to engage employers as partners in young adult workforce development, JobsFirstNYC's Deputy Executive Director Evelyn Fernandez-Ketcham, and Lower East Side Employment Network Coordinator Gaspar Caro recently spent the day working--and learning--at Shake Shack at Madison Square Park.

Shake Shack is one of several employers currently involved in JobsFirstNYC's Restaurant Industry Partnership, a project through which we are working to create a pipeline for young adults to access career ladders in the restaurant industry. 

As a committed employer partner in the Restaurant Industry Partnership, Shake Shack (part of Union Square Hospitality Group) invited Evelyn and Gaspar to work a shift alongside their Madison Square Park crew. As part of this experience, Evelyn and Gaspar gained invaluable, intimate knowledge of the organizational structure and culture, job tasks, and work load at this establishment. Additionally, Evelyn and Gaspar were invited to sit in on several interviews with young adult job seekers, an opportunity that afforded them a firsthand perspective on the hiring process and employer expectations at this Shake Shack.

The information obtained from on-the-job site visits like these--and from our ongoing, evolving relationships with our committed employer partners--is helping guide the creation of the Restaurant Industry Partnership and a young adult restaurant industry pipeline in New York City.  We look forward to continuing to update you as this project progresses!

If you are a  restaurant employer interested in joining our partnership or hosting JobsFirstNYC's staff for a site visit, please let us know! Contact Evelyn Fernandez-Ketcham at to arrange a visit or to learn more about JobsFirstNYC's growing Restaurant Industry Partnership.