Tuesday, December 11, 2012

JFNYC Year in Review

Next year holds great promise for NYC’s young adults … thanks to JobsFirstNYC and you.

Just look at what we accomplished together in 2012 by:

Presenting the facts and engaging key players — With the release of several critical reports to the field, JobsFirstNYC is equipping practitioners with key labor market information and other tools to facilitate the connection of young people to better jobs. 

Chief among these reports are Going Beyond the Bottom Line, and Now Hiring.  While the economic outlook may appear bleak, JobsFirstNYC is helping to identify growing areas of employment opportunity — while consulting with employers and workforce service providers.

Improving opportunities for disadvantaged young adults — JobsFirstNYC advanced several major projects through our work with the Bronx Opportunity Network, the Lower East Side Employment Network, and the Restaurant Industry Partnership.  The result: more young people stay in school … connect to employment … and access career ladders. 

Of the 105 young people engaged in the Bronx Opportunity Network’s pilot program, for example, over 72% successfully completed their first year of college and are on-track for future success.  Their first-year retention rate is double that of CUNY students.

Making connections and crafting policy — We directly connected hundreds of practitioners to dozens of employers — particularly those in the retail, restaurant, and health care sectors — to expand opportunities for young people.  

And JobsFirstNYC crafted and is actively implementing a very ambitious policy and advocacy agenda to remove structural barriers to labor market access.  We’ll soon be sharing a key policy paper that provides an overview of our priorities and our efforts as we prepare for 2013.

To truly make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged young adults in New York City, JobsFirstNYC needs your support. 

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