Friday, August 17, 2012

JobsFirstNYC Looks Beyond the “Bottom Line” to Find Solutions for Young Adults Out of School and Out of Work

JFNYC has identified an unexplored opportunity:  to develop new and creative ways to engage employers by better meeting their hiring needs. 
There is exciting news in the workplace these days. JFNYC’s new study — Going Beyond the Bottom Line has garnered crucial information that gives young-adult workforce providers invaluable perspectives from the point of view of employers. 

Our aim is to give workforce providers a better understanding of employer perceptions, expectations, and need — as well as clear and comprehensive ways that they can meet these criteria.

We went about this by soliciting 98 employers — 33 participated in focus groups or individual interviews and 65 responded to an online survey — from a mix of businesses, including consulting firms, retailers, and the hospitality industry.  All have experience hiring young adults for entry-level positions.

This report presents findings, not conclusions.  Our purpose is to invigorate a dialogue about how to best:

  • address evolving challenges faced by young adult employment and training providers
  • capitalize on employer relationships to provide young adults with more and better opportunities
  • build a richer, more integrated and substantive inquiry

One HR Manager from a medium-sized hospitality company shared his positive experience:  “I’ve had great success with public and nonprofit providers.  They’ve been able to identify what I’m looking for.  It’s like having a bunch of agents working for me.”  

Training at Henkels & McCoy prepares participants to be successful in entering the workforce.   H&M trains for careers, not training for training’s sake. 

Another Sales Manager from a medium-sized consulting firm shared the realities of working with young people without previous job experience: They think outside of the box because they don’t even know what the box is yet.”

For more insights, shared experiences, and solid, practical advice, read what other employers have to say in the complete report Going Beyond the Bottom Line.

One sure way to successfully reduce the out-of-work and out-of-school population in NYC is to galvanize the good will, resources, and commitment of many people and institutions, and most especially employers. 

Our report is a major step in bringing these vital forces together.

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