Monday, March 26, 2012

Recent News from the Field

Unequal Access to Higher Education is a Reality for Low-Income Students 
New York Times columnists David Firestone and Paul Krugman recently responded to Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's stance on government supports for improving access to higher education.  Krugman in particular points out just how unequal college access really is, with low-income students who perform well on tests significantly less likely to graduate than poorly performing students in higher income brackets.  JobsFirstNYC directly supports innovative college-access programs tailored specifically to low-income students, such as the Bronx Opportunity Network.

January Jobs Report: Unemployment Rate Rose to 9.3% in NYC
The NYCLMIS January 2012 Jobs Report shows that despite signs of economic improvement nationwide, the unemployment rate in NYC was actually up from December and from one year ago.

Major trends in NYC that month included large job losses in retail, administrative, accommodation and food service--jobs that are often the most accessible for out-of-work/school young adults.  Unemployment rates continue to be highest in the Bronx and Brooklyn, home to some of the most historically under-served communities in the city.

Economic Policy Institute: Weak Labor Market is Particularly Tough for Young, Entry-Level Workers
Using data from their upcoming edition of The State of Working America, EPI shows how wages for young entry-level workers have declined or stagnated since 2000. In 2011, the average entry-level wage for a male high school graduate entering the labor force was $11.68, while a male college graduate could expect to make $21.68.  Wages were even lower for young women, to say nothing of young adults with no diploma.

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