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2012-02-29: News and Updates from JobsFirstNYC

News and Updates from JobsFirstNYC

February might be the shortest month, but it has been a busy month all the same here at JobsFirstNYC, during which we have hosted two well-received employer engagement events. 

Our Convening of Restaurant Industry Employers and Young Adult Workforce Development Leadership has sparked a conversation on how best to create meaningful, mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships between these groups.  On the other hand, last week's "Meet the Retail Employers" event allowed front-line staff to engage directly with HR managers from the retail sector.  Employers from Modells, CVS, Old Navy and Gap were in attendance for the entire event--participating not only in an employer Q&A panel but in breakout sessions with job developers as well. 

These events are a critical component of JobsFirst's plan to help effectively engage employers and improve their alignment with young adult workforce organizations.  We look forward to many continued developments in this area in the coming months!

Convening of Restaurant Industry Professionals and Service Providers
On February 7th, JobsFirstNYC and Winning Strategies hosted an important introductory meeting that brought together leaders from the restaurant industry and leaders of organizations working to better connect out-of-work and out-of-school youth to the economic life of the city.

This meeting afforded those present an opportunity to discuss some of the challenges inherent in successfully connecting older youth to the restaurant industry, while moving beyond that to discuss opportunities for positive collaboration between the industry and service providers as well as to craft next steps that will begin to move this important work from "discussion" to "action".

We will keep you posted as this important collaboration develops.

Attention CBOs: New York Youth Works Funding Opportunities
The New York State Department of Labor is now accepting applications for two NY Youth Works training and placement programs.  Organizations may request up to $50,000 in support to recruit and assist youth to become certified for the NY Youth Works program, and to prepare certified youth for employment.  Applications are due March 30.  More information about this opportunity can be found on the Department of Labor's website.

News from the Field
New Study Highlights Power of Community Collaboratives to Effect Social Change
A new study from Bridgespan found a dozen examples of community collaboratives that successfully affected significant change against a city-wide goal.  The report found that operating principles that underscored the success of these projects including engaging stakeholders across sectors, committing to long-term involvement, utilizing data and engaging community members.  JobsFirst is currently supporting two such programs in NYC--the Bronx Opportunity Network (BON) and Lower East Side Employment Network (LESEN).  We fully believe that these types of collaborative projects can be a catalyst for lasting change, and our pleased that this new report supports that belief. Read the report here.
Disconnected Youth included in President Obama's FY2013 Budget
Last week CLASP posted a breakdown of the President's 2013 budget, noting where the budget includes key investments in youth, who continue to face persistently high unemployment. They note that while the proposals for disconnected youth are promising, they do not go far enough.  Read CLASP's full budget breakdown here.

Passing of Workforce Leader Bruce Herman
JobsFirstNYC has learned of the passing of Bruce Herman, former Deputy Commissioner of Workforce at the NYS Department of Labor.  We would like to acknowledge this great loss to the workforce development field, and extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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