Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Edition Resources

On this Thanksgiving day, we'd like to express our appreciation for all the organizations and dedicated individuals in New York City that work tirelessly on behalf of disadvantaged youth. 

Below are a few recent announcements that might be of use to practitioners:

  • The New York City Employment and Training Coalition' Annual Summit will take place on December 2. Visit: to register.

  • Protect Your Money: Know Before You Enroll Campaign.  New York City's Office of Financial Empowerment has launched a new campaign -- Protect Your Money: Know Before You Enroll -- to educate New Yorkers about predatory school scams and highlighting free and low-cost school choices. This is very welcome and important news for young people considering enrolling into college.
  • Article 23-A Hiring Guide for NYC Employers Released.  The Doe Fund has released a guide to the little known and often misunderstood Article-23A New York State law that regulates how employers consider job applicants who have criminal records.  Written for employers, How To Comply With Article 23-A When Hiring (PDF) explains in clear language what employers may and may not ask about criminal histories, the factors they must weigh in deciding whether the criminal record merits exclusion from a job, and protections provided to employers who follow the law.  This publication was put together with financial support from The Doe Fund, and the contributions of many industry experts.   
 JobsFirst NYC wishes everyone a happy, healthy and joyful Thanksgiving! 

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