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Read All About It: Highlights from the Fall 2011 CBO Network Meeting

 Highlights from the Fall 2011 CBO Network Meeting 

On October 25, the JobsFirstNYC CBO Network reconvened at the Door in Manhattan. This was a great event, and since the information was so helpful, we are sharing what was included to our full network for those that could not attend that day. 

John Twomey, the Executive Director of NYATEP, joined us to provide an update on what is happening on the policy front concerning policies specific to young adults and workforce issues, and notably highlighted some of the challenges we are all facing in terms of both the in school and out of school unemployed young adult population in New York City. Of note, he referenced a recent report from McKinsey and Company that highlights some of these challenges in terms of building a globally competitive workforce in the near and longer-term. He also provided some thoughts on the current state of the American Jobs Act (and the implications of this act on out of school/work younger adults) and also provided some concrete next steps for people to consider in terms of advocating for this vulnerable and evolving group of young people. You can download John's presentation here (PDF). 

Jonathan Bowles of Center for an Urban Future (CUF), along with consultants Margaret Stix and Glenn Von Nostitz presented preliminary findings regarding what we are currently calling "Second Chance of a Life Time" (working title). JobsFirstNYC has commissioned CUF to reprise the 2006 Chance of a Lifetime publication in order to take a closer look at where there may be employment opportunities in the near-term and future economy for young adults. This report, which will focus on specific occupations, not necessarily sectors, will unearth some interesting, even counter-intuitive ideas about where young people today can prepare for meaningful and competitive jobs in tomorrow - especially where there may be continued growth and demand specific to the featured occupations. We hope that this report will released before the conclusion of the 2011 calendar year; stay tuned for more details. 

Bettina Damiani of Good Jobs New York (GJNY) presented ideas (PDF) on how tax subsidy and industrial development subsidy information can be effectively leveraged to assist workforce practitioners to both prospect for jobs and to engage businesses that are new to specific neighborhoods in the City. For many years, the publication of subsidy information seemed to be a best-kept secret, but due to the great advocacy work of GJNY, this information has been made much more understandable and usable by the public through the GJNY subsidy snapshots -- listings of subsidies by community boards throughout the city.  Bettina also shared helpful tools they have developed or rely upon:

  • Sign up for our monthly subsidy alert (learn about public hearing

If you missed this event but wanted to see the agenda, you can get it here.  For more information, please contact Gwen Hill.  

The next CBO Network Meeting will take place on January 31, 2012 from 9-11:30, so save the date/time; location and other details to follow.

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